Reell Positioning and Motion Control solutions are used in many commercial and industrial applications, including:
Office Furniture & Equipment Point of Sale Devices Architectural Lighting Industrial Machines & Equipment Food Service Equipment 3D Printer Lids and Doors

Office Furniture and Equipment

Ergonomics in the Workplace

Reell torque inserts provide infinite position control with smooth premium feel motion.

Using ReellTorq technology, Reell torque inserts are an ideal solution to allow positioning of headrest, armrests and other office furniture components.   Adjustable to an infinite number of positions with their range of motion, they allow office furniture to be customized to provide ideal comfort for each user. 






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Point of Sale Devices

Customer Efficiency and Convenience

Point of Sale transaction throughput makes "The Buck Stop Here".  Moving customers efficiently during peak hours is critical to rapid cash flow.

Positioning user interfaces for transactional interactions. Screens, card readers, input/output devices in all shapes and sizes from small handheld devices to large kiosks. Long-life, zero-adjustment Reell hinges and torque inserts eliminate service calls to replace worn out knobs, screws, and washers.



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The Shopify Retail Kiosk - Gibson Design
“With our design for Shopify’s Retail Stand we wanted to create a unique merchant-customer point-of-sale experience. Our design, inspired by a teeter-totter, needed a position control hinge that would allow the tablet to remain steady at any position. The reliability and durability of the hinge was critical to long term performance, and Reell was able to offer exactly what we needed with an industry leading 50,000 cycles.

Throughout the design process we were able to iterate and efficiently test with quick turnaround times on samples and we relied on their technical support throughout the project.  We’ll definitely turn to Reell in the future for any projects that require position control hinges."
Colin Roberts, Owner/Designer


Architectural Lighting


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Indoor and Outdoor Architectural Lighting

Reell provide easy adjustment with solid long-lasting positioning,  while hidden mounting allows aesthetically attractive designs.

Reell Torque Inserts are easy to adjust and hold solidly in place for years where positioned.  Because it is always engaged, ReellTorq® positioning technology eliminates the need for additional locking or clamping hardware.


Industrial Machines & Equipment

Ergonomic and safety solutions for the industrial work place

Powerful Reell position hinges eliminate gas struts on guards, lids, and covers. Reell vTilt provides monitor adjustment for multi-operator usage.






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Food Service Equipment


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Protecting the Food Supply

Movable sneeze guard for service access. Positioning doors and lids for easy access to product and goods. Strong mechanical components for robust design.


3D Printers


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Prevent door slamming from process destruction during 3D printing

Constant torque hinges control access door stability during machine operations