Pinpoints Ideal Product Solutions Matching Application Requirements

The newly launched “Hinge Selection Guide” interactive online app from Reell Precision Manufacturing introduces a user-friendly resource to pinpoint ideal hinge and torque insert product solutions matching application requirements.  This free online tool opens an interactive window to designate an application’s parameters, calculate the torque and rotational angle required for the hinge or torque insert, and ultimately identify the Reell products best suited for the job.  The tool further enables users to access Reell’s standard catalog products, link to Reell’s website for exploring additional resources and confirm technical product specifications, and connect quickly with Reell’s application engineers for a personal consultation and rapid response to inquiries.

Reell’s innovative technology solutions transmit torque, control angular position, and protect delicate components from excessive force.  Such technology is widely used in the consumer electronics, automotive, aircraft interiors, medical equipment, workstation furniture, kiosk/data terminals, and architectural lighting industries.

The new app can be downloaded at and is available in multiple languages (English, German, French, and Chinese).  A mobile tablet version will be available in the next few months.

Here’s how the tool works: Users are prompted to choose the type of Reell device (hinge or torque insert, as well as the mounting configuration) desired for the application.  Next, users input a torque profile (symmetric, differential, or one-way), the necessary range of motion (up to 360º), and preferred material (aluminum, stainless, nylon, or zinc).  The tool then calculates torque consistent with supplied end-product weight and length.  Based on all the information, the tool filters the entire Reell product line to arrive at the appropriate recommendations for the application.

Founded in 1970, Reell Precision Manufacturing Corporation is a world leader in small-package position control offering a diverse portfolio of positioning hinges, wrap spring clutches, torque inserts, and precision springs and wire forms.