Reell's most powerful positioning hinge solves customer needs in a wide range of applications.

Saint Paul, MN (REELL) December 26, 2013

Since its release in early 2013, Reell's PH35 Positioning Hinge has been getting rave reviews for its smooth quality feel, and consistent solid positioning performance. Its high-torque combined with easy 'One-way' adjustment are finding application in a wide range of customer projects.

"We are very pleased with the positive response and interest from the market," says Product Manager John Schannach. "The versatility, high holding force, and easy adjustment of the PH35 have found a wide range of applications from printers, to industrial machinery, test chamber lids, and enclosure access doors. It has even been used on firetrucks to secure equipment in the field. Anywhere that heavy holding force and easy upward adjustment are needed is a great application for the PH35."

Available either a plain zinc or matte black finish, the PH35 is an attractive alternative to more complicated positioning solutions such as prop rods, gas struts and spring lifts. A fully qualified life of over 20,000 cycles provides a lifetime of elegant high-performance positioning.

Please contact your Reell representative to request a sample or for more information on the PH35 or any Reell product.

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