Company will highlight automotive component positioning solutions and spindle drive overload protection

Reell Precision Manufacturing, a world leader in small package position control, is pleased to announce it will be participating in the 14th International Conference on Automotive Seating in in Düsseldorf Germany February 18-21, 2019.  

Reell will highlight its new TI-160 Torque Insert.  The TI-160, is the first molded-nylon torque insert to feature Reell's 'One-way' torque technology which eliminates nearly all the torque required to move the hinge in one direction, without compromising the holding force in the other.  This makes the TI-160 ideal for vertical adjustment applications, where it holds solidly against gravity in the downward direction, while remaining easy to adjust in the upward direction.  It is available torques range from 4.0 to 6.0 N-m, configured for high torque in either the forward or reverse direction.

Horace Beale, Global Product Line Manager for automotive says,  "The TI-160 is ideal for vertical mounting applications like cargo lids, center consoles, and access panel covers, where One-way torque allows easy upward adjustment without compromising holding force in the downward direction".  Reell One-way hinges are designed to replace more costly solutions, including gas struts or prop-rods, across multiple applications.

Also featured is Reell’s latest torque-limiting solution for overload protection. The Reell Overload Clutch uses ReellTorq® technology to provide a quiet mechanical coupling that will disengage when the torque in the system exceed specification, thereby protecting other components from damage due to excessive force.  When the torque is reduced the clutch reengages. The Overload Clutch is well suited to spindle drives and other small-package drivetrains.

Reell Precision Manufacturing provides high-quality innovative solutions to transmit torque, control angular position and protect delicate components from excessive force. Combining the world's most precisely controlled torque technology with the industry's most experienced engineering team provides a perfect product fit in customer applications. Reell's patented technology is widely used in the consumer electronics, automotive, aircraft interiors, medical technology, workstation furniture, kiosk/data terminal, and architectural lighting industries.