Solutions for Improving Transportation Comfort and Useability

Reell provides innovative torque solutions with hinges that lock in place to improve the comfort, useability, and safety across aircraft, rail, bus, and sport and recreational vehicle markets. ReellTorq® technology helps design engineers create solutions that stay in position and move freely with a secure, premium feel, while performing exceptionally well in demanding applications.

With more than 30 years of proven performance, Reell technology continues to provide premium position control with hinges that lock in place in a variety of transportation applications, including:

Headrests and Armrests Monitor Positioning Meal Trays and Tables Adjustable Digital Displays Compartment Covers and Lids Cabinets, Doors, Tables

Headrests and Armrests

Make Aircraft Seating Movement Secure and Reliable

Armrests and headrest wings stay in position with hinges that lock in place.

Reell torque insert and hinges provide secure position control in armrests to eliminate rattle and prevent armrests from falling out of position. Reell hinges that lock in place, with differential torque, make headrest adjustments simple and keep adjustable wings exactly where positioned.



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Monitor Positioning

Improve User Experience

Reell's unique line of flag hinges and torque inserts allow reliable screen position.

The small space in an airline seat back requires a small torque element with a high torque density to allow passengers to easily adjust the screen to eliminate glare and enhance viewing. Reell flag hinges that lock in place provide a premium feel over the high cycle life and robust performance demanded by aircraft seat manufacturers.


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Meal Trays and Tables


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Reell makes folding meal trays easy to open and close

Combining two Reell TI-C5M Torque Inserts creates dual-axis fold over motion.

Aircraft and rail meal trays that fold open into position require a small, multi-axis hinge to enable fully folding over on itself for compact storage. Reell's TI-C5M provides the necessary torque for smooth motion and eliminates loose feel and noise.


Adjustable Digital Displays

Improve Useability and Safety With Secure, Adjustable Display Screens

Reell's high torque density ensures secure position control even in bumpy, rugged applications

As sports vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles shift from analog dials to screens and digital displays, accurate and reliable position control enables riders to easily adjust and view screens to improve safety. Reell's reliable positioning technology holds firmly in place, even with the high shock and bump forces found in powersports applications.



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Compartment Covers and Lids


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Secure Position Control for Safety and Ease of Use

Reell Torque Inserts provide integrated position control for compartment covers and lids.

ReellTorq® technology provides precise torque, creating a smooth, solid feel allowing lids and storage compartment covers to be placed and held in any position without the need for gas struts, support rods or locking mechanisms. 

Improve customer experience with one-handed opening lids that stay securely in any position and don’t unexpectedly fall shut.


Cabinets, Doors, and Tables


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Eliminate Rattles and Improve Safety by Preventing Accidental Opening

Reell torque elements enhance the usability and safety of cabinet doors, adjustable tables and other moving components.

Reliable and secure Reell positioning technology prevents cabinet doors, covers and other adjustable items from rattling or accidentally opening while traveling, improving safety and increasing customer confidence. Where space and aesthetics are at a premium, Reell's high torque density inserts provides a premium-feel solution without the visible appearance of a hinge.