Patented positioning technologies provide complex control in a simple package

Saint Paul, MN (Reell) August 30,2012

By merging it's patented One-way and ReellTorq® clip technologies Reell Precision Manufacturing, a world leader in innovative small package motion control, is able to create unique, elegant, and easy to use solutions to complex position control problems.

"The combination of our One-way, ReellTorq®, and detent technologies across multiple axes allows us to create sophisticated position control profiles," explains VP of Engineering Brian Johnson. "Precise resistance can be applied at the positions and directions where it is needed, while preserving easy adjustment through the rest of the range of motion."

Vice-President of Sales and Customer Service Jack Field sees increased market opportunities for the new products. "Merging our world class technologies is a breakthrough in multi-axis positioning. We can provide simple, reliable, single package solutions to problems that previously required complicated mechanisms, and we always promise Reell's consistent long life performance."

For more information about Reelltorq®, One-way torque, as well as other Reell products and technologies please contact Reell Application Specialist Marty Kottke (marty.kottke(at) or visit

Reell Precision Manufacturing provides high-quality innovative solutions that transmit torque, control angular position and protect delicate components from excessive force. Combining the worlds most precisely controlled torque technology with the industry's most experienced engineering team guarantees a perfect product fit for your application. With facilities on three continents, Reell's responsive global customer service and world class manufacturing ensures exceptionally easy ordering and on-time delivery.