Virtual Patent Marking

The following Reell products are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. This web page is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of Section 16 of the America Invents Act. The following list may not be all inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents in the United States and elsewhere. Additional patents may be pending in the United States or elsewhere.

Part(s) Patent
  • All parts labelled CP12
  • SJ300 Spherical Joint

Multi-Axis Clip Hinge

US Patent 9,341,009
Additional patents pending

  • All parts labelled CP03
  • MH12 Hinge - All models
  • MH14 Hinge - All models
  • MH15 Hinge - Symmetric Torque Models
  • MH18 Hinge - All models
  • TI-100 Series Torque Inserts - All models
  • vTilt VESA Monitor Mount - One-way Torque Models

Clip Friction Hinge With Housing

US Patent 6,530,123
Germany Patent 602 13 585.0
UK Patent 1,389,255
China Patent 2812041.8

  • All parts labelled CP10
  • TI-300 Series Torque Inserts

Friction Hinge System

US Patent 8,875,348
Additional Patent(s) Pending

  • All parts labelled CP11
  • PHCA Hinge

Torque Element Retention System

US Patent 9,790,720

  • All parts labelled CP01

Spring Clutch Utillizing Torque Slip Clips

US Patent 6,561,333
France Patent 1317634
UK Patent 1317634
Germany Patent 601 45 308.5

  • All parts labelled CP02

Input Engaging Clutch

US Patent 6,637,571

  • All parts labelled CP06

Immersed Wrap Spring Device

US Patent 8,056,688

  • All parts labelled CP08

Positioning and Damper Device

US Patent 8,523,476
German Patent 11 2011 101 885.1
UK Patent 2494818

  • All parts labelled CP07

Cone Roller Lock Device

US Patent 8,746,417
UK Patent 2489122
German Patent  11 2010 003 838


  • All parts labelled CP09

Circumferential Strain Rotary Detent

US Patent 8,959,717

  • All parts labelled CP13

Cone Roller Lock Device (Rotary)

US Patent 9,151,342
UK Patent 2489122
German Patent 11 2010 003 838