About Us

About Us

Reelll All Company Reelll All Company

50 Years of Exceptional Products, Outstanding Service, and a Balanced Work-Life Culture

When they established Reell in 1970, Reell’s founders wanted to build a company that viewed success as more than return on investment. They wanted to provide exceptional products and services to customers while creating a work environment that fostered a balanced life for its co-workers. 

They named the company “Reell” (ray-EL’); a German word meaning honest, trustworthy and good, to reflect these values. 

Today we strive to fulfill the promise of these words in our products, services and our relationships with customers, shareholders, co-workers, suppliers and the community.


Honest, trustworthy and good

From the beginning, Reell's three Founders discussed how to shape and build a company based on ethical values and principles.  

They accepted the importance of strong financial performance, but not at the expense of employees’ health and families.  They envisioned a company in which all coworkers could perform valuable and creative work in an environment that supported their physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

They built Reell's success by placing a high priority on understanding and serving the needs of coworkers, customers, suppliers and the community.

Locations Worldwide

Years of Expertise


CO-CEO Kyle Smith CO-CEO Kyle Smith
Dr. Kyle E. Smith

CO-Chief Executive Officer

CO-CEO Shari Erdman CO-CEO Shari Erdman
Shari Erdman

CO-Chief Executive Officer

Reell CFO Jannifer Struemke Reell CFO Jannifer Struemke
Jennifer Struemke

Chief Financial Officer

Reell VP of Coworker Services Andrina Weis Reell VP of Coworker Services Andrina Weis
Andrina Weis

Vice President of Global Coworker Services

VP of Global Sales Jack Field VP of Global Sales Jack Field
Jack Field

Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Service

COO Brian Johnson COO Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson

Vice President of Global Engineering

The team from The World Greatest television program visit Reell for an update on their story from 2013.