Spherical Joints

Spherical Joints

Reell Spherical Joint Hinges Reell Spherical Joint Hinges

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SJ Series Ball Joint Hinge

Device Type
Spherical Joint
Range of Motion
90 degrees
Torque Profile
Torque Range



The patented Reell SJ Series Spherical Joint delivers Reell's premium feel and performance in a spherical hinge multi-axis position control device.

Featuring Reell's patented SphericalTorq™ technology, the SJ Series of ball joint hinges have the ability to adjust up/down, left/right and a full 360 degrees of rotation.  This versatility allows the SJ to replace multiple positioning components with a single device, conserving space and lowering cost.  

SJ Series hinges have black glass-filled nylon housings that are durable and stylish, making them suitable for applications where they will be visible in the final product.

Available in 3 sizes, with torques from 0.2 to 8.0 N-m, the SJ Series is ideal for applications such as tablet stands and mobile device dock positioning, medical lighting, camera stands, automotive mirrors, and office furniture where precision position control is critical.