Friction Hinges

Friction Hinges

Premium Motion Creates a Better User Experience

Engineered with patented ReellTorq® clip technology, Reell’s custom and standard constant torque friction hinges and torque inserts provide a smooth, quality feel during adjustment. When released, these hinges hold position solidly and securely.

Available in a broad range of sizes and mounting styles — with load capacities up to 11.30 N-m of torque — Reell commercial friction hinges feature consistent long-life, zero-adjustment performance of up to 50,000 cycles. 

As one of the world’s leading friction hinge manufacturers, Reell can improve the quality and user experience of your designs. Explore our premium products below.

Friction Hinge Friction Hinge

What is a Friction Hinge?

Friction hinges, otherwise known as torque or position hinges, are hardware devices that use resistance to control the motion of pivoting objects. Friction hinges are used to hold doors, panels, lids and screens solidly in position at any given angle, as well as determining the force required to move them.

Important Considerations

When choosing a friction hinge, it’s important to consider the unique requirements of your application. This includes:

  • Weight, load and size requirements
  • Hinge location and angle
  • Orientation and rotational axis
  • Life cycle requirements
  • Environmental conditions and chemical exposure
  • Aesthetics and design factors

Common Applications

Friction hinges are commonly used anywhere engineers want to create a controlled pivoting motion or secure positioning. This includes laptop screens, equipment lids, furniture, monitors, self serve kiosks and medical devices.

In the transportation industry, friction hinges are often used in airplane and bus headrests, tray tables and compartments, automobile center consoles, in floor storage, or adjustable mirrors and screens.