Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If one of the standard part configurations does not meet your needs, Reell is able to design and produce custom mounting configurations.  Click here to learn more

Reell develops custom applications with the detent feature in a friction hinge.  None of Reell’s standard friction hinges currently offer this feature.   Detent position, holding torque, and overall feel are critical in a successful detent hinge.  Share your requirements here to start a conversation and learn more.

Reell can provide this feature in a custom friction hinge application.  None of Reell’s standard friction hinges currently offer this feature. 

Reell offers products with two options for asymmetric torque profiles.  Differential which has 60%  and One-way toque, which removes nearly all of the torque in one direction while maintaining full holding force in the other.

In general, most friction hinges have internal steel shafts and torque engines that are greased and sealed to prevent corrosion.  Reell also offers a number of products with o-ring seals to provide weatherproofing, which provides protection for outdoor application but is not suitable for applications requiring submersion in fluids.

Because of the consistent performance of ReellTorq technology, Reell hinges do not require adjustment during life.

None of Reell’s standard friction hinges currently offer this feature. It is available as a custom application.

The Reell HTH60 is designed to allow wire pass through for power and data cables. Reell has also designed this feature into custom applications. 

Reell friction hinges use ReellTorq®  clip technology to provides extremely consistent torque over the life of the product.  It is not possible to adjust the life performance of this technology without adversely affecting the torque consistency over that life.

Torque specs are for 20°C testing. Hinges are likely to pass life tests with a limited portion of cycles performed from -40°C to 80°C, but normally will require moderate additional high side torque tolerance at temperature extremes.

Reell has developed this capability for custom designs.  None of our current standard products feature this capability.

Reell offers position control solutions for a variety of applications.  Depending on the application requirements our products may meet this need or can be used with a soft close, viscous damper or spring to provide infinite positioning and soft close over the final degrees of motion.