Precision Torsion Springs

Precision Torsion Springs

Reell’s Spring Technologies specializes in the design and manufacture of high precision torsion clutch springs for use in applications where the primary forces are applied on the surfaces of the wire wraps.  Designed and manufactured using our proprietary processes, our springs provide exceptional quality with tolerance control unique in the industry.

Reell Precision Torsion Clutch Springs Reell Precision Torsion Clutch Springs

Reell springs are high performance, not commodity, springs

Because we design and manufacture our high precision torsion clutch springs to have superior performance and meet tight tolerances, we use only high quality materials and processes.  Reell spring technology is often not a good fit for commodity or commercial tolerance products such as torsion springs, compression springs, extension springs, leaf springs, beam torsion bars and wire forms.

Reell primarily manufactures the following torsion clutch spring types:

Reell Cinching Spring Reell Cinching Spring
Cinching Grip Clutch Springs

Cinching grip happens when the spring is pulled tangentially around a hub OD or pushed tangentially inside a sleeve.  Cinching grip springs are often used to provide a high torque in a small package that can be released while under load.   Typical applications include electromagnetic, mechanical, and one way wrap spring clutches.

Reell Slipping Spring Reell Slipping Spring
Slipping Clutch Springs

Slipping happens when the spring is pushed tangentially around a hub OD or pulled tangentially inside a sleeve.  Slipping springs are often used to limit transmitted torque or provide a constant braking torque. Typical applications include overload protection, friction hinges, paper separation rollers, and web tensioning.

Reell Canting Spring Reell Canting Spring
Canting Grip Linear Clutch Springs

Canting grip happens when a spring around a shaft is pushed axially at a point on one end creating a firm grip between the spring and the shaft.  Canting springs are often used to provide infinite linear positioning on a rod. Typical applications include automobile seat positioning, mechanical clamping, and telescoping arms.

Process capabilities:

  • Precision: Our spring winding process controls diameter tolerance substantially tighter than industry standards, and our ISO certified manufacturing process ensures consistency and quality.
  • Materials:  Primarily music wire, high carbon spring steel,  and stainless steel.
  • Wire diameters:  0.5 to 3.75 mm   (0.020" to 0.148" ).
  • Wire shapes:  Square, rectangular, and round.
  • Torque: 0.05 N-m to 500 N-m. (4 oz-in to 400 ft-lbs)
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