Reell's Founders Reell's Founders

Reell Precision Manufacturing is based on entrepreneurial dynamism and ethical values

The combined forces of the founders’ entrepreneurial drive and their ethical values shaped the company’s history. Dale Merrick took the first of many entrepreneurial leaps when he left 3M Corporation to start a manufacturing representative firm. Bob Wahlstedt and Lee Johnson both joined him to build a company that fostered both business success and a healthy life outside of work.

The three established Reell Precision Manufacturing in 1970 as a high-quality, wrap spring clutch manufacturer.

From the beginning, the three partners discussed how to shape and build the company through ethical values and principles. The founders accepted the importance of strong financial performance, but not at the expense of employees’ health and families. They envisioned a company in which all coworkers could perform valuable and creative work in an environment that supported their physical, emotional and spiritual health. They built Reell's success by placing a high priority on understanding and serving the needs of coworkers, customers, suppliers and the community.