Reell Positioning and Motion Control solutions are used in many automotive applications, including:

Center Consoles | Cargo Lids | Mirrors/Displays | Instrument Panels | Headrests

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Center Consoles

Cost-Effective Solutions for Console Lid Positioning

Reell torque inserts replace screws, springs and sheet metal with a single lightweight solution, saving assembly labor and component cost.  All while providing long-life premium feel performance.

Reell torque inserts are widely used to provide smooth motion infinite positioning in automotive center console. Their unique inline installation allows them to be hidden from view in the final assembly, improving the style of the console.


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A console design using Reell torque inserts was awarded an SPE Automotive Innovation Award in 2017

By eliminating the need for a metal hinge system the design saved $4.50 and 2 lbs of weight per unit.

Cargo Lids



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One-handed Storing for Personal Items

Reell molded nylon hinges provide reliable, premium-feel positioning that allows lids to be operated with one hand without the need for prop rods, struts or strings.

Reell positioning hinges are ideal for cargo lids and storage bin covers. Because they hold the lid solidly in any position without external support, covers can be opened and closed with one hand. 

In addition, Reell's clip torque technology provides the smoothest quality feel motion of any product on the market while still holding the lid confidently in position.  Their consistent long-life performance of up to 50,000 adjustments means no field repairs or replacements. 




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Big Torque in a Small Package

Reell SJ series products provide the world's highest torque density in a multi-axis positioning device.

The first multi-axis device to feature the premium feel and long life performance of Reell's ReellTorq technology, the SJ Series is ideal for positioning mirrors and screens that require adjustment in more than one direction.  The high torque density of the SJ series allows for an aesthetically pleasing small package size, while still positioning solidly.  While a fully qualified consistent performance life of over 50,000 adjustments means the SJ will not require maintenance or replacement for the life of the vehicle.


Instrument Panel

Innovative Simple and Stylish Mobile Device Holder

Reell's novel unidirectional cinching mechanism allows elegant and easy to use device docking.

Using proven exisiting motion control capabilities,  Reell engineers were able to craft a perfect motion and positioning solution for a simple, reliable and easy to use cell phone mount.

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Lightweight, Long-life, Premium Feel

Reell torque inserts elegantly and reliably position headrests in a lightweight concealed package.

For more than a decade Reell torque inserts have provided premium feel headrest positioning in some of the world's most prestigious automotive brands. Their unique in-line installation and lightweight molded nylon construction improve the performance and economy of premium automotive seating.