Cascadia4x4 Chooses Reell for Their Flipster License Plate Mount

Cascadia4x4 was looking for a solution to the problem of where to mount a license plate in a visible and legal location after installing a winch, without detracting from the aesthetics of the vehicle.  Their solution? The Flipster mounting bracket, which uses a Reell MH14 hinge to flip the plate up and out of the way and hold it there, allowing full access to the winch. Simply flip up your license plate and the Flipster holds it in any position.

Holds in any position for more than 20,000 Cycles
The reliable long-life performance provided by the MH-14 is critical to the function of the Flipster.

“Using a Reell MH-14 friction hinge allows the Flipster to hold itself sturdily open in any position without backlash.  The glass-filled nylon case and ability to withstand well over 20,000 usage cycles means the Flipster will retain its precise flipping action for years to come” – Tom Dyakowski, Cascadia Co-owner


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