Reell provides unique torque and position control solutions in a variety of markets.  If it moves, Reell can provide smooth feel, precise positioning, and improved safety for doors, lids, covers, monitors in any application. 

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Aircraft headrest and tray table positioning, rail and bus seating, power sport digital displays, after market accessories and RVs. 


Mobile carts, articulating monitor and lighting arms, lab equipment, surgical devices and more.



Center consoles, headrests, in-floor storage and overload protection devices for power drive systems.

Commercial Motion

Point of sale kiosks, industrial or food service equipment lids and doors, furniture, lighting and more.


Consumer Electronics

Notebook computer hinges, tablet stands and cases, lcd display positioning, access panels and covers.

Office Automation

Paper handling systems for copiers, printers, scanners, collators, sorters, mailing and finishing equipment, positioning of access panels, and covers.