Reell’s patented clip technology provides a long-life, cost effective solution for applications requiring constant frictional torque up to 11.3 N-m (100 lb-in). Constant torque is generated by the controlled interference fit between clips and shaft.

Precision clips and shaft components, a proprietary lubricant, and a proprietary manufacturing process form the basis for Reell’s technology for providing consistent torque over life. Torque increments are achieved through the addition of clips and allow custom torque specifications with standard components. Clip technology allows a close and predictable relationship between static and dynamic torque, and specification of higher torques without compromising torque tolerance or life.

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Standard life for ReellTorq® clip products is specified at 20K cycles. Longer life may be achievable depending on application conditions.


ReellTorq® clip technology offers excellent performance at an attractive cost through standard components such as clips and shafts, automated assembly of clips and shafts, and available standard hinge designs.


ReellTorq® clip technology may be applied in hot or cold environments from 0° to 140° F. and still remain within torque tolerance over the specified life. Cycles rates of up to 10/min are possible within these specifications.

Design Flexibility

A range of standard clips allow for a nominal torque in various sizes and shapes of housings. Encasing the clip-shaft assembly within either a zinc die-casting or plastic over-molding allows custom part geometry and mounting features. Symmetrical torque, and asymmetrical torque, and one-way torque profiles are available.

Advantages of ReellTorq technology include:

  • Precision components giving consistent torque
  • Stable performance over 20K+ life
  • Compatible with hot or cold environments (0° to 140° F)
  • No performance compromise with increasing torque
  • Various standard clips allow flexibility of package size vs. torque
  • Torque increments available by addition of clips
  • Controlled static/dynamic torque relationship
  • Asymmetrical torque available (CW <> CCW torque)
  • Custom clip design available
  • Automated clip shaft assembly provides low cost
  • Custom part geometry and mounting surfaces provided with zinc die-cast parts or plastic over-molding