Adjustable Headrests

ArticleFebruary 2024

Adjustable Headrests

adjustable plane headrest adjustable plane headrest

Enhance the passenger experience throughout cabin classes by incorporating Reell's friction hinges into adjustable headrest designs.  Passengers benefit from infinite headrest adjustment, improving overall comfort and providing optimal ergonomic support.  Reell's exceptionally smooth, premium-feel motion elevates the perception of seat quality by adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to headrest design.   The industry leading cycle-life of Reell's friction hinges ensure long-lasting performance minimizing vehicle downtime caused by seat maintenance. 

Metal Headrest PHCA Metal Headrest PHCA

Metal Headrest Structures

Reell's lightweight PHCA Aluminum Friction Hinge, weighing only 19.5 grams, is less than half the weight of equivalent zinc or steel hinges. This feature makes it perfect for aircraft and other transportation applications where weight is critical in product design. Years of successful use in the aircraft industry have proven the performance and durability of PHCA hinges.  With a rated life of 50,000 cycles, the PHCA will last for years of heavy use in transportation environments, providing reliable performance over the long term.

Molded headrest with TI-220 Molded headrest with TI-220

Molded Headrest Structures

Reell's TI-220 Torque Insert offers engineers a streamlined solution for designing headrest assemblies with an integrated pivot point for adjustable side head supports.  Designed to be plastic over-molded, the TI-220 Torque Insert enables the production of adjustable headrest solutions that do not need to be manually assembled.  By removing the manual assembly process with a complete molded headrest, these torque inserts significantly reduces production time and labor costs.  Utilizing the same high-performance technology as other Reell friction hinges, the TI-220 Torque Inserts provide smooth-premium feel and infinite adjustability for passengers.

Reell understands the requirements of adjustable headrest applications, which is why we offer a diverse selection of friction hinge configurations and hidden pivot points. Our comprehensive product portfolio ensures that engineers have the flexibility to choose the perfect solution for their specific design needs. Whether it's achieving optimal adjustability, enhancing durability, or seamlessly integrating within the assembly, Reell's torque hinges and inserts provide reliable performance and versatility.

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