Hidden Lid and Hidden Console Hinge Manufacturer

ArticleJanuary 2024

Hidden Lid and Hidden Console Hinge Manufacturer

Center Console Center Console

Reell offers strong, durable hidden lid and hidden console friction hinges that can be used to provide smooth motion and infinite positioning in an automobile’s storage bins or center console. With how Reell hinges are uniquely installed, they are truly out of sight in the final assembly, improving the aesthetic of storage bins and consoles.

With clip torque technology that holds lids in position, get consistent, long-life performance of up to 50,000 adjustments from Reell hidden lid console hinges — without having to worry about replacements or repairs. Hidden hinges will hold lids solidly in any position without external support, and can be opened or closed with the touch of a hand. Center console hinges provide a premium feel with improved performance — at a price cheaper than metal hinge systems.


Reell offers two ways to start a hinge project:

  • Choose an existing product. Reell TI-100 and TI-200 Series torque inserts are preferred by a variety of automotive manufacturers for console hinges. These torque inserts replace screws, springs and sheet metal with a lightweight solution that gives a great feel while saving on assembly labor and component cost. The MH-18 molded nylon hinge is a popular choice for applications requiring hidden lids.
  • Want custom? If you don’t see what you need, let us know, including the geometry and the application, and we’ll get back to you with a solution that meets your requirements.

Not sure what your application requires or need help determining which hidden lid or hidden console friction hinge suits your needs? Submit an Engineering Application Review to share the facts about desired performance, fit and function. A Reell engineer will review your information and quickly get back to you with a recommendation of how we can help. Contact our team to learn more about our capabilities.

Premium Strength and Durability Since 1970

Reell is the designer and manufacturer of choice for many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket companies in need of hinges for their applications. Our hidden lid and hidden console friction hinges are designed by Reell engineers at our cutting edge plant in St. Paul, Minnesota, and our products can be found worldwide. Reell manufactures millions of hinges annually, and can handle a range of needs for any automobile manufacturer.

Customers are our lifeblood, which means our products and services must always meet or exceed customer expectations. Reell has set the standard for quality and innovation throughout the hinge design and manufacturing industry since its founding in 1970. With the industry’s most experienced engineering team and the world’s most precisely controlled torque technology, Reell is able to provide a perfect solution for customer applications across industries — every time.