Point of Care Carts

ArticleFebruary 2024

Point of Care Carts

POC Carts POC Carts

Medical point of care carts, with monitors, storage hiding lids, folding work surfaces, and doors perform a variety of duties in every area of the medical environment.  Reell technology creates robust solutions that handle the abuse of a mobile cart and allow for monitor positioning for better ergonomics, folding work surfaces and extension arms to allow for a smaller footprint in transit or storage, and easy access to storage with lids and doors that stay in the open position when released or stay shut when closed. 

POC Vertical Doors POC Vertical Doors

Add a pinch of torque to vertical doors to prevent rattle or drifting open.  TI120 torque inserts create hidden pivot points for a design that is easier to clean, enables smoother exterior lines, and prevents doors that swing open. 

Imaging Monitor Vtilt Imaging Monitor Vtilt

For monitors Reell offers torque inserts to enable custom, integrated designs, and Reell offers complete monitor mounts solutions that allow adjustment for better viewing and ergonomics.  vTilt, with a standard VESA mounting pattern works well for monitors, and the SJ300 is commonly used for small tablets and screens. 

Medical Work Surface Medical Work Surface

Fold up work surfaces and shelves pivot with Reell torque inserts and hinges.  For a full fold over capability, Reell offers the DX100, a dual axis hinge that fully folds over on itself for more compact storage.