Powersport Storage Compartments, Panniers, and Saddlebags

ArticleFebruary 2024

Powersport Storage Compartments, Panniers, and Saddlebags

storage compartments storage compartments

Enhance powersport rider convenience with innovated Reell friction hinges and torque inserts. No more juggling items or awkwardly balancing lids while trying to grab essential items.  Adding friction to pivot points in storage compartments, panniers, and saddle bags ensures lids stay open at any angle hands-free.  This allows powersport enthusiasts the freedom to use both hands when accessing gear and tools, without worrying about accidental lid closures.  

motorcycle compartment motorcycle compartment

In the world of powersports, resilience matters.  Engineers can design Reell’s MH Molded Hinges or TI-100 Series Torque Inserts into their applications with confidence knowing our solutions thrive in challenging conditions and are trusted by OEMs worldwide. From harsh terrains to unpredictable weather, Reell products ensure consistent performance, providing OEMs the assurance of reliability.