TI-330 Torque Insert Release

ArticleMay 2024

TI-330 Torque Insert Release

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TI-330 Added to the TI-300 Series

Introducing the latest addition to Reell's TI-300 series torque inserts: the TI-330. The TI-300 completes the gap in torque range between the TI-320 and TI-340 models, providing enhanced design flexibility for a wider range of applications. With torque options ranging from 1.0 to 2.5 Nm, the TI-330 allows you to start in between the two existing product lines and adjust up or down as needed, offering more versatility compared to starting with the highest torque in the TI-320 or the lowest in the TI-340.

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The TI-330 features a smaller outer diameter than the TI-340, making it ideal for smaller applications where space constraints are a concern. Additionally, its stronger shaft design compared to the TI-320 enables it to withstand higher stress levels, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Reell’s focus on completing the gap between the TI-320 and TI-340 emphasizes the expansion of the highly successful TI-300 series, providing more options for customer designs and rightsizing for lower torque applications. The TI-330 offers the best balance of features within the TI-300 range for the 1-2.5 Nm torque range, making it a versatile and reliable choice for a variety of applications.

Despite its enhanced capabilities, the TI-330 maintains the same high-quality materials as the TI-320 and TI-340, ensuring consistent performance and durability across all our torque insert products. Experience the flexibility and reliability of the TI-330 and elevate your design possibilities with Reell.

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