Product Models and Specifications


Maximum Load 3.39 N-m (30 lb-in)
Direction CW, CCW
Voltage 12 VDC, 24 VDC
Connector Molded connector, 8" leaded coil
Bore 6mm, 1/4", 8mm
Shaft Cross Pin
Electromechanical wrap spring clutch
Low Wattage
The EC30LL requires only 3.5 watts of power for engagement
High Torque, Small Package Size
The EC30LL provides 3.39 N-m (30 lb-in) of total load over a life of 1 million actuations with an outside diameter of about 33mm (1.3 inches), and a shaft length of about 27mm (1 inch). It also provides approximately 80 million revolutions for typical applications. Part weight: 98g (.215 lb)
Rapid Acceleration
After spring wrap-down, the EC30LL will accelerate loads from zero to full speed in less than 3 milliseconds.
Consistent Performance
Engagement is made with virtually no slippage and disengagement is almost instantaneous.
Power Source
All Reell clutches operate on either filtered or unfiltered dc power. The use of filtered power is recommended for better life at high speed.
Operating Parameters

EC30LL performance is best within the following conditions:

  • 0°- 60° C (32°-140° F)
  • 100-800 rpm typical, 1400 rpm max.
  • Minimum load friction torque 0.05 N-m (6.0 oz-in) plus customer input bearing torque.

Single Direction
Wrap spring clutches provide torque only in the direction in which they wrap down. This allows for overrunning.
Relative High Shock
Due to the EC30LL's rapid acceleration, system inertia effects can be significant. In some applications an in-line slip device may be used for shock absorption. Please contact a Reell Sales Representative for more information regarding this option.
Engagement Relative to Speed
The EC30LL relies on relative motion between the input and output for engagement. Thus, the slower the speed, the longer the time until engagement.
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Product Applications

  • Collators/Sorters
  • Copiers/Printers
  • Finishing Equipment
  • Mailing Equipment
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Paper Feed Systems
  • Revolving Media Displays
  • Ticket and Receipt Dispensers