Cabin and Galley Storage Solutions

ArticleFebruary 2024

Cabin and Galley Storage Solutions

airline galley airline galley

Reell provides an improvement in door mechanisms through innovative torque technology. Reell's friction hinges allow cabin and galley storage doors to remain open in any position, allowing passengers and crew members hands-free access to gear and luggage.  The high cycle life of Reell friction hinges alleviate common maintenance issues and field failures common with gas struts, reducing vehicle downtime and maintenance costs. 

airline galley airline galley

Cabinet & Storage Doors

In applications where weight is a critical factor, Reell's PHCA Aluminum Friction Hinge presents exceptional torque density within a small and lightweight package. The appealing design of the PHCA is suitable for integration into doors found on galley carts and storage compartments. 

RT Series RT Series

Access Panels & Lids

The RT Series Friction Hinges offer a compact and versatile solution with unique mounting configurations tailored for smaller doors and access panels that are commonly found around passenger seating applications. 

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Large Doors & Tables

The PH35 Heavy-Duty Friction Hinge by Reell offers a robust torque-based solution for securing sizable doors and panels in place. Whether deployed in overhead storage compartments or specialized settings such as fold-down baby changing tables, the PH35 presents a dependable and secure solution that maintains stability amidst turbulent air or challenging road conditions.