Lab Equipment

ArticleMarch 2024

Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment Lab Equipment

When Reell friction hinges are used on a lid for lab equipment, the operator can easily lift the lid or cover and let go when at the right height with confidence that the lid will stay in position and allow access to the work space to change samples or reagents.  Reell friction hinges eliminate the need for gas struts which fail over time with superior position control over years of reliable service. 

Medical Large Lids Medical Large Lids

Large Lids

Reell friction hinges provide precise torque, creating a smooth, solid feel and enabling infinitely positioned lids and storage compartment covers while eliminating gas struts, secondary locking or support rods. Add Reell hinges to improve customer experience by creating a one-hand opening lid that stays securely in any position and doesn’t close abruptly. For large panels Reell’s PH35 offers a high torque solution with their one-way technology to make lifting easy while provide a compact, securely positioning hinge, even for large, cumbersome lids. 

Front Covers

Front covers and access panels benefit from Reell position control because of their small size and unobtrusive design.  Create easy to open and close panels that open to any position and stay exactly in position.  With virtually zero break away friction, Reell hinges such as the MH12 provide superior feel and performance to enhance the user’s perception of the overall product design, because covers and lids can be a key touchpoint for the user. 

Vertical Medical Door Vertical Medical Door

Vertical Panels and Doors

Create hidden position control features in vertical panels and doors with Reell’s wide variety of torque insert options.  With a simple press-in design into the main structure and the pivoting panel, designers can create an “invisible hinge” that allows for full rotation and no visible mounting hardware for a better looking design.  In some applications, this can be especially helpful if wipe down and cleanability are an important design requirement.