Medical Lighting and Overhead Systems

ArticleFebruary 2024

Medical Lighting and Overhead Systems

Medical Light Room Medical Light Room

Overhead medical lighting is essential for precision in healthcare settings, and Reell ensures easy positioning and eliminates annoying drift, enhancing the efficiency of medical procedures. 

Reell’s innovative solutions eliminate the need for replacing wave washers, pins, or bearings, as well as the hassle of tightening set screws. With Reell, joints are maintenance-free, offering unparalleled reliability and durability— Reell’s main value proposition and differentiating feature in the market. 

HTH60 Medical Light HTH60 Medical Light

The HTH60 is a high-torque solution designed for large fixtures and long arms. Featuring a hollow torque element, it allows for wire pass-through at the axis of rotation, ensuring seamless integration without sacrificing functionality. Maintenance-free and requiring no adjustment, the HTH60 is a game-changer in medical lighting design

Dental Light with TI Dental Light with TI

For horizontal axis rotation, the TI360 high-torque insert offers exceptional performance. With one-way torque, it allows for easy lifting against gravity while securely holding in place with full torque in the downward direction, ensuring stability during critical procedures. 

SJ Medical Light SJ Medical Light

Reell's SJ500 provides infinite adjustment and rotation, making it ideal for mounting the main light, or Lamp Head, in the center of the back. With its single, easy-to-mount torque element, the SJ500 offers unmatched flexibility and precision. 

Experience the next generation of medical lighting design with Reell Precision Manufacturing, where reliability, precision, and innovation converge to set new standards in healthcare lighting solutions.