Tray Tables and Foldable Work Surface

ResourceFebruary 2024

Tray Tables and Foldable Work Surface

tray tray

Enhance the passenger experience throughout aircraft, bus & rail interiors with innovative tray table and worksurface designs.  Incorporating friction into the pivot point of tray tables and worksurfaces allows panels to be held in any position, eliminates loose feel & noise, and reduces accidental opening or closing during travel.  Tray tables are one of the highest frequency touch points for passengers during travel.  If end-user perception of quality is important to your brand, then let Reell’s smooth-premium feel motion elevate table functionality and passenger comfort. 

tray table tray table

Fold Down Tables

Reell’s TI-300 Series Torque Inserts provide a hidden hinge for tables that rotate into position. Designed to be press-fit into a variety of materials, the quick and easy installation eliminates the need for additional mounting hardware and improves overall aesthetics. 

Airline Meal Tray Airline Meal Tray

Bi-Fold Tables

Reell’s DX-100 Dual Axis Hinge creates an integrated pivot point for bi-fold tables by utilizing two parallel shafts within a sleek elegant housing.  Reell’s technology provides the highest torque density within the smallest diameter pivot point.  At only 8mm thick, this friction hinge allows engineers to design folding tables with extremely thin panels that maximize the workspace for passengers, while still storing safely within the confined space of arm rests and seat backs.    

HTH60 Arm Rest HTH60 Arm Rest

Deployable Table Arms

The HTH60 Hollow Shaft Friction Hinge eliminates clunky mechanisms and enables the seamless deployment of in-arm tray tables.  With 360° rotation capability and unique mounting design from one side, the HTH60 sets a new benchmark for easy integration and serviceability.  The high torque density maintains precise positioning while the smooth rotational operation enhances passenger perception of quality and sophistication.  The 18mm wire pass-through provides easy passage of wires and connections within the axis of rotation, effectively concealing wires for personal device charging and streamlining the overall assembly process.