Entertainment Screens and Personal Devices

ArticleFebruary 2024

Entertainment Screens and Personal Devices

seat back monitor seat back monitor

Empower passengers to experience comfort at new heights with adjustable display screens and infinite positioning of personal entertainment devices.  Incorporating friction into entertainment systems allows engineers to design screens that smoothly tilt, pivot, or swivel providing passengers the perfect viewing angle and eliminating discomfort caused by glare & reflections.  Reell solutions maintain position during dynamic flight & travel conditions. No matter the turbulence or road vibrations, passenger display screens remain in the desired position, ensuring uninterrupted viewing pleasure. 

seat back monitor seat back monitor

Adjustable Screens

Reell's PHB Friction Hinge is the go-to choice for adjustable seatback entertainment systems.  Designed for reliability, the PHB maintains consistent torque over life providing passengers dependable position control of display screens.

HTH60 Arm Rest HTH60 Arm Rest

Deployable Video Arms

The HTH60 Hollow Shaft Friction Hinge eliminates clunky mechanisms and enables the seamless deployment of In-Arm video screens.  With 360° rotation capability and unique mounting design from one side, the HTH60 sets a new benchmark for easy integration and serviceability.  The high torque density maintains precise positioning while the smooth rotational operation enhances passenger perception of quality and sophistication.  The 18mm wire pass-through provides easy passage of wires and connections for screens within the axis of rotation, effectively concealing wires and streamlining the overall assembly process. 

Aircraft Entertainment Screen Aircraft Entertainment Screen

Fold Down Screens

The unique mounting configurations of Reell’s RT Series Friction Hinge series provides engineers the design flexibility to integrate screens and personal entertainment device holders into seatbacks, tray tables, cabin walls, and ceilings.  Whether passengers need to position personal devices or adjust the viewing angle of seat back screens, the wide torque range available in the RT Series Friction Hinge series can accommodate a variety of display sizes and weights.