Invisible Door, Cabinet & Gate Hinges

ArticleJanuary 2024

Invisible Door, Cabinet & Gate Hinges

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Create Your Own Invisible Hinge for Cabinets, Doors or Gates

Traditional invisible — sometimes referred to as hidden or concealed — hinges are designed for a minimal look that doesn’t take up space. This design allows the hinge to be flush to the wall or part that’s anchoring the hinge. That’s why invisible door hinges are best applied when space is limited.

Our engineers have taken a unique spin with invisible door hinges and have applied this minimalistic look to our torque hinges.

Reell, established in 1970, is the designer and manufacturer of choice for many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket companies in need of invisible or hidden hinges for the production of doors, cabinets, gates, and more. Hinges designed by Reell engineers at our cutting edge plant in St. Paul, Minnesota, can be found worldwide. We manufacture millions of hinges annually, and can handle a variety of needs depending on product complexity and your industrial application.

Our featured hinge for doors, cabinets and gates is the TI-300. This hinge, which can appear invisible on doors, cabinets and gates, allows for a full 360° of rotation. With superior quality, this torque insert provides consistent torques from 0.50 to 10.0 N-m (4.4 to 88.6 lbs per inch) throughout the life of your application. Contact our team to get a sample within 48 hours.

A range of other hinges may also be suitable for your application. If you are looking for a custom solution, tell us about your application; just facts about performance needs, fit and function. Knowing the desired movement and purpose of your hinge is critical when identifying the ideal hinge for your application. Once your information has been reviewed, a Reell engineer will contact you within 24 hours with an honest assessment of how they can provide you with hinges for doors, cabinets, gates, and furniture that need to appear invisible.


There’s two ways to start a hinge project with Reell:

  • Pick a hinge from the catalog. The TI-300 is our featured hinge for doors, cabinets and gates, as it can appear invisible. However, if you are looking for something different, we have a wide selection of other friction hinges that may be suitable for your application.
  • Want custom? If you don’t see what you are looking for, tell us what you need, including the geometry and the application, and we’ll take it from there with a custom solution.

Not sure what your application requires or need help determining which invisible door, cabinet, or gate hinge best suits your needs? Submit an Engineering Application Review to tell us more. Just share the facts about performance, fit and function. A Reell engineer will then review what you shared and we will soon get back to you with a determination of how we can help. Contact our team today.


Reell has set the standard for quality and innovation across the hinge design and manufacturing industry since 1970. With the world's most precisely controlled torque technology, combined with the industry's most experienced engineering team, Reell is able to provide a perfect product fit for customer applications.

Invisible Hinges for Doors, Cabinets, and Gates Across Industries

Our 50-plus years of designing and manufacturing hinges that appear invisible for doors, cabinets, and gates extends to a variety of industries, which include:

Automotive & Transportation

  • Cargo and Compartment Lids
  • Instrument Panel and Dashboard
  • Seats, Headrests and Armrests
  • Interior Hinges for Center Consoles

Commercial & Industrial

  • Food Service Equipment
  • Office Furniture & Equipment

Ready to get started? Explore the markets we serve or browse our friction hinges.

If you want to work with Reell, contact us or submit an Engineering Application Review. We are happy to view your application and determine the best solution for supplying you with the right hinges for doors, cabinets or gates that appear invisible and meet your needs. A Reell engineer will contact you within 24 hours of you completing your application.

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Want to Know More About Reell’s Invisible Hinges?

View the questions and answers below. We’ve probably heard it before and we likely have an answer.


What is an invisible door hinge?

Invisible hinges for items such as doors, cabinets and gates, are not technically invisible, but are instead hidden. They cannot be seen from the exterior of an application, and are designed to provide a look that is clean and avoids distraction.

How do you use invisible hinges?

Invisible hinges, also known as concealed or hidden hinges, are revealed when an object, such as a door or cabinet, has been opened. They are ideal for furniture and similar applications, especially where it’s helpful to keep a clean design intact or if you want security added so that tampering cannot occur from the outside. Unlike other invisible hinges, Reell torque inserts are actually completely concealed and never visible, whether a cabinet is open or closed.

Are corrosion resistant friction hinges available?

Most hinges have internal steel shafts and torque engines that are greased and must be sealed to prevent corrosion. Reell has a number of products with o-ring seals to provide weatherproofing. This provides protection in outdoor applications but is not suitable for applications requiring submersion in fluids.

Can I get a friction hinge with a different mounting configuration?

Reell produces custom configurations for customers in a variety of markets to address unique mounting requirements. The additional cost of a custom design must be considered.