Medical Device & Equipment Hinges

Medical device design engineers around the world choose Reell hinges, torque inserts, springs and clutches to create devices that are safer, more reliable and easier to use. Adding ReellTorq® technology to an application creates a smooth, premium-feel motion that enhances the user experience by allowing easy single-hand positioning, while preventing accidental or unintended movement. 

With more than 30 years of proven performance in medical devices, Reell technology continues to solve position control challenges in a variety of applications, including:

  • Surgical Equipment 
  • Medical Lighting
  • Mobile and Cart Based Medical Devices
  • Dialysis
  • Ventilators
  • Lab Equipment and Analytical Instruments
  • Hospital Beds and Furniture
  • Medical Workstations
  • Patient Monitors and Diagnostics
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Dental
  • Imaging Equipment
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Tablet and Screen Positioning Doors, Covers and Lids Extension Arms for
Lighting, Monitors & Imaging
Adjustable Monitor Mounts Portable and Cart Based Medical Devices Headrests, Armrest and Patient Positioners

Medical Monitor Mounts for Tablet and Screen Positioning

Medical Monitor Mounts with Multi-Directional Position Control in a Small Package

The Reell SJ Series solidly positions tablets and screens without additional levers, locking mechanisms or tools.

Reell torque inserts and hinges provide infinite position adjustment of tablets and small monitors where easy, secure positioning helps ergonomics and ease of use in an unobtrusive package. The SJ Series provides even greater flexibility, providing designers a multi axis, infinite position system for one-hand adjustment, enabling optimum viewing.





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Hospital Hinges for Doors, Covers, and Lids



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Improve User Experience with Smooth Motion and Position Control

Reell's wide range of hinges for hospitals and medical facilities create a solid feel and eliminate unwanted movement after positioning.

Reell friction hinges provide precise torque, creating a smooth, solid feel and enabling infinitely positioned lids and storage compartment covers while eliminating gas struts, secondary locking or support rods. Add Reell hinges to improve customer experience by creating a one-hand opening lid that stays securely in any position and doesn’t close abruptly.

Hinges for Medical Lighting, Extension Arms, Monitors and Imaging



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Smooth Feel and Steady Positioning

Reell slip clutches and torque inserts allow full rotation while holding extension arms in position without springs, pistons or locking mechanisms.

Reell torque inserts and slip clutches integrate position control into extension arm joints for lighting, monitors or imaging devices. These torque elements create an easy-to-move joint, allowing users to position devices in the exact location needed but prevent the joint from moving, eliminating drift and readjustments over time.

Adjustable Medical Monitor Mounts

Eliminate the Need to Readjust Your Monitor

Reell vTilt medical monitor mounts allow simple, infinite adjustment without monitor sag over time.

Designed for easy mounting and adjustment of monitors and large displays, Reell’s vTilt combines the smooth quality feel, precise position control, and consistent long-life performance of the world’s best torque technology with a standard VESA mount. With differential and one-way torque options, Reell’s vTilt enables “set and forget” medical monitor mounting without the sag and readjustment found in competitive products. vTilt is one of the many Reell options for adjustable monitor designs.






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Medical Monitor Mounts for Portable and Cart-Based Medical Devices



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Make Small, Collapsible Devices Stable and Easy to Set Up

Reell miniature torque elements make small, collapsible devices stable and easy to set up.

Reell torque inserts provide high torque density, useful for small medical devices with folding displays, clamshell designs or collapsible components. Their unique inline installation hides them from view to reduce device size and streamline overall design. Engineers commonly use Reell torque inserts to create easy to use devices that fold open to any position and stay in place.

Hinges & Torque Inserts for Headrests, Armrests and Patient Positioners

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Smooth Adjustment for Better Patient Fit

Reell Torque Inserts enable smooth adjustment of armrests, headrest, and other moving parts of medical furniture and beds.

Reell torque inserts enable smooth and secure movement in armrests, headrests or supports for patient fit with easy-to-integrate designs for an easy-to-clean look. With field-proven long life cycles and robust designs, Reell products handle the rigors of medical beds and furniture, dental equipment, and patient positioning devices with no required maintenance or adjustment.