Custom Friction Hinge Manufacturers For Every Industry

ArticleJanuary 2024

Custom Friction Hinge Manufacturers For Every Industry

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Custom Friction Hinges For Every Application and Industry

Reell is proud to be the most reliable full-service custom hinge designer and manufacturer serving OEMs and aftermarket companies across industries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces custom friction hinges for every conceivable application in volumes of up to several million pieces annually.

There are many types of hinges in production that might be useful for your application. Understanding the movement and purpose of your hinge is crucial to designing your custom hinge. By speaking to an engineer specialized in custom hinge manufacturing, you can ensure you have the solution you need.


You have three options in beginning a hinge project with Reell—and it’s only a custom experience if you need it to be:

  • Pick a hinge from the catalog. This option is what it sounds like. Pick a custom friction hinge or torque insert we already have and use it for your application.
  • Modification to an existing design. Reell might be close to having what you need, but with some modifications required. We can adapt and customize any of our existing hinges to fit your purposes.

  • Fully custom friction hinge solutions: This will require the geometry and application for your hinge. Any technical information we’ll need so our engineers can develop the custom hinge for your needs is easily communicated. Whatever you’ve got—we’ll customize the hinge for you, from soup to nuts.

Submit an RFQ to us to tell us about your application, focusing on just the facts about performance, fit and function. A Reell engineer will review the information and we will contact you within 24 hours with an honest assessment of how Reell can help.


Reell has been setting the industry standard for custom hinges for decades, with engineers across every market turning to us for their solutions. With a satisfied list of clients including Bosch, Xerox, and Gibson, Reell has consistently stayed true to our promise and delivered first-class custom hinges.

Our expertise extends to the following industries:

Automotive & Transportation

  • Interior Hinges for Center Consoles
  • Cargo and Compartment Lids
  • Mirrors and Displays
  • Instrument Panel and Dashboard
  • Seats, Headrests and Armrests

Custom Hinges for Medical

  • Medical Lighting
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Dialysis
  • Ventilators
  • And many more

Commercial & Industrial

  • Table & Screen Positioning Across Industries
  • Adjustable Monitor Mounts
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Point of Sale Devices
  • And many, many more

Of course, our expertise in tablets and screen positioning has manifestations across all industries, as tablets and screens are a reality of every industry in the modern age.

Ready for your solution? Browse all the markets we serve or go straight to our custom friction hinges.


Get Started On the Custom Friction Hinge for Your Application

If you’ve read the above and find yourself ready to work with Reell, the next step is to either contact us or submit an Engineering Application Review. We are ready to hear about your application—and we’ll be contacting you within 24 hours with an honest assessment of how we can be part of your project.

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Do You Have Questions About Reell’s Custom Friction Hinge Manufacturing That Weren’t Answered Above?

Browse the content below. We’ve probably heard it before and we likely have an answer.



Can I get a custom friction hinge with a different mounting configuration?
We are able to produce custom configurations for mounting. The additional cost of a custom design must be considered at the development stage.

Can I get a custom friction hinge with detent stops?
We are not aware of any standard friction hinges that currently offer this feature. Reell has developed custom applications with the detent feature in a friction hinge.

Are custom friction hinges available with lift assist?
Yes, this is a feature we have provided in the past for custom friction hinge applications.

Are corrosion resistant friction hinges available?
There is a manufacturer that offers an all-plastic adjustable torque hinge. In general, most hinges have internal steel shafts and torque engines that are greased and must be sealed to prevent corrosion. We offer several products with o-ring seals to provide weatherproofing. This provides limited protection in an outdoor application but is not suitable for applications requiring submersion in fluids. Speak to our engineers about your specific application to discuss a potential solution with your custom friction hinge.