Enpro, an aircraft equipment manufacturer needed a specialized friction hinge for a new proprietary design used in the aircraft industry.

Bob Clough, a top engineer at Enpro worked closely with Reell's sales and engineering team to find the friction hinge best suited for the application. This collaboration contributed to a superior designed product resulting in a new patent for Enpro, based in part on the hinge mechanism. The new design significantly enhances the product’s ergonomics and greatly improves the product’s life and performance.

"Reell Precision Manufacturing’s product is a superior product. It is very professionally designed and is extremely reliable. The hinge works to quoted specifications and test data shows it is long lasting," says Bob Clough of Enpro. "We are using a standard CTE hinge which fits in perfectly with what we are trying to achieve with a friction hinge."

Enpro’s product has done well and sales volume has increased steadily since its introduction. Reell continues to work closely with Enpro to meet its customer service needs; "Reell is very responsive with lead times and deliveries. They are an eight out of ten where ten doesn’t exist and nine is unheard of. As a company, Reell is together, honest, and ethical," adds Bob.