Adjusts Easily in Multiple Directions and Holds Reliably Where Positioned

Reell launched the SJ300 Spherical Joint in 2018 and it pioneered a new dimension in position control.  Featuring Reell's patented SphericalTorq™ clip technology, the SJ300 allowed a single device to provide easy adjustment in multiple directions while holding constantly at any angled position.  Now the introduction of the SJ200 Spherical Joint extends that capability to more precise applications.

Like the SJ300, the SJ200 has the ability to adjust up/down, left/right and a full 360 degrees of rotation, which allows a single device to replace multiple positioning components, conserving space and lowering cost.  With available holding forces of 0.2 and 0.4 N-m, and a fully qualified life of 50,000 adjustments, the SJ200 is ideal for applications requiring precise, low torque positioning like mobile device docks, tablet stands, and small screen positioning, and more.

The SJ200’s durable glass-filled molded nylon housing and black finish present an attractive and stylish appearance.  The all-metal shaft, ball, and torque element are manufactured from hardened steel for durable performance.

Founded in 1970, Reell Precision Manufacturing Corporation is a world leader in small-package position control offering a diverse portfolio of position hinges, wrap spring clutches, torque inserts, and precision springs and wire forms.

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