Alternate installation enables rapid design testing and improves design efficiency

Saint Paul, MN  August 2, 2022

Reell Precision Manufacturing, a world leader in small package position control, is proud to announce the introduction alternate installation guides for the popular TI-100 Series of torque inserts.

The guides, available for both the TI-120 and TI-140 models, introduce a new method of installation that allows the inserts to be easily removed after installation.  This can be especially valuable during design prototyping, where it allows multiple torque values to be tested easily in the same assembly.  It is also beneficial in final applications where occasional disassembly is required in the field.  

The TI-100 Series, one of Reell's most widely used product lines, features a molded glass-filled nylon package that is strong and lightweight that is designed to be press fit into a variety of materials.  Because of its unique inline mounting, the all TI-100 inserts are concealed from the user when installed, which can reduce the overall package size and improve the aesthetics of the application.

Like all Reel torque inserts, the TI-100 Series utilizes ReellTorq® clip technology, which delivers precise and consistent torque with a fully qualified life of 25,000 cycles, while providing the smoothest operating feel of any positioning solution on the market.  It is available in five package sizes, with torques from 0.25-6.0 N-m (2.2-53.1 lb-in) .

Global Product Line Manager Jim Brown is excited about the introduction of the new installation method.  "The TI-100 is one of our most popular product lines.  The introduction of these techniques provides an additional tool to allow us to deliver Reell's premium feel positioning solutions to a wider range of customer applications.  The ability to easily test multiple torque values in a single prototype lets our customers quickly discover the right product fit for their application"

The new guides are available for download now from the TI-100 Series product page on the Reell website.

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