The Reell RT Series of friction hinges sets new standards for performance, versatility and ease of use

Saint Paul, MN (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

Reell Precision Manufacturing, a world leader in small package position control, is proud to announce the introduction of the third in it's RT Series of friction hinges, the RT120.

Available with torques from 20 to 50 lb-ins, the RT120 provides the highest torques in the RT series. It combines the holding force needed for large applications with the smooth quality feel and superior performance of Reell's patented ReellTorq® technology.

Vice-President of Engineering Brian Johnson is excited about the performance of the entire RT Series, "we are extremely pleased with all of the RT hinges, they are the result of more than 15 years of friction hinge design and manufacturing experience and we think they represent a new level of performance and ease of use for Reell positioning hinges."

Available in 3 part families with 3 shaft-end attachment options, and torques from 3 to 50 Lb-ins, the RT Series is Reell’s most versatile catalog hinges. With a fully qualified life of over 50,000 cycles, it raises the bar for long-life premium position control performance, while it’s symmetric mounting simplifies designs and ensures correct installation.

Vice-President of Sales and Customer Service Jack Field likes the versatility of the RT Series, "the range of available torques and mounting options gives you the opportunity to apply the quality feel and long-life performance of the world's best torque technology to a wider range of applications."

All RT series hinges are available now. Please contact your Reell representative to request a sample or for more information.

Reell Precision Manufacturing provides high-quality innovative solutions to transmit torque, control angular position and protect delicate components from excessive force. Combining the worlds most precisely controlled torque technology with the industry's most experienced engineering team guarantees a perfect product fit for your application. With facilities on three continents, Reell's responsive global customer service and world class manufacturing ensures exceptionally easy ordering and on-time delivery.