Ease of installation and premium positioning performance have made vTilt a preferred choice for screen positioning

Saint Paul, MN June 2, 2022

Since its release, the vTilt VESA standard monitor mount has been a standard and reliable way to position screens across a wide variety of industries and applications. The combination of a compact and aesthetically pleasing design, easy installation and the premium performance of Reell's ReellTorq® technology have led to its wide acceptance across all markets that Reell serves.

This month Reell expanded the vTilt line to offer a full 8 N-m of holding force for all Differential and One-way torque models. This expanded range allows the vTilt to securely position today's larger and heavier monitors.   In addition, Reell is pleased to provide updated Product Selection and Product Installation guides to help customers choose and install the right vTilt model for their application.

Global Product Line Manager Jim Brown points to changes in monitor market the as the main driver for the expanded offering. "Originally targeted as a desktop monitor solution, vTilt quickly gained acceptance in a wide range of additional applications such as medical carts, point of sale terminals, display kiosks, and industrial workstations.  Expanding the holding force to a full 8 N-m for all models responds to this broader market, and better supports the increased size and weight of larger medical device monitors. The addition of our updated Selection and Installation guides simplifies the process of choosing the right model and give users the confidence to use vTilt in their designs."

vTilt attaches directly to the mounting holes of standard VESA compliant monitors using just four screws. Its compact (5 cm deep) features a durable, glass-filled nylon housing for effective sealing of all internal components.   vTilt is available with either Differential Torque, which reduces upward resistance to 60% of the holding force, or with Reell's patented One-way torque technology, which removes nearly all resistance to upward motion.   For more information on the vTilt product line as well as access to the Product Selection and Product Installation Guides, please visit us at reell.com.

Reell Precision Manufacturing provides high-quality innovative solutions to transmit torque, control angular position and protect delicate components from excessive force. Combining the world's most precisely controlled torque technology with the industry's most experienced engineering team provides a perfect product fit in customer applications. Reell's patented technology is widely used in the consumer electronics, automotive, aircraft interiors, medical technology, workstation furniture, kiosk/data terminal, and architectural lighting industries.