Engineers across markets from Medical Devices, Automotive and Transportation to Consumer Electronics enhance their product quality, safety and reliability by using Reell technology. Long product life and premium feel positioning, coupled with exceptional customer service make Reell the go-to choice for precision position control.

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Butterfly Seating
Reell’s DX100 Helps Butterfly Transform the In-Flight Experience

Gibson Product Design
Gibson chose Reell for premium feel motion and solid screen positioning in their point-of-sale kiosk design

Reell Provides Premium Backrest Positioning For The A-dec 500 Dental Stool

Armodilo chooses Reell for smooth, silent, long-life positioning in their Sphere tablet kiosk

Latch Lake Music
Latch Lake Music uses Reelltorq® technology for maximum holding power in new microphone stand

Cascadia4x4 uses a Reell MH-14 hinge to make an innovative and aesthetically pleasing license plate mount for off-road vehicles.

Case Studies

Guidant Medical Corporation
Guidant Medical Corporation asked Reell Precision Manufacturing to help improve the design of the high-tech monitor for its "zoom programmer."

Enpro, an aircraft equipment manufacturer needed a specialized friction hinge for a new proprietary design used in the aircraft industry.

Sun Microsystems
Sun needed a compact and reliable support mechanism for it's new line of rack mount servers.

Bosch wanted the next generation of its hedge clipper product line to lead the market in safety, reliability, and ease-of-use.

G7th Capo
The G7th Performance Guitar Capo, designed around a wrap spring clutch from Reell Precision Manufacturing, St. Paul, MN, has transformed a Medieval-looking guitar accessory into a sleek, high tech, 21st century apparatus.

Xerox Fuser Roller
A Reell Spring Technologies torque spring helps Xerox Corporation make cleaner copies.

Porter Engineered Systems
Reell Spring Technologies development of a more consistent spring for Porter's Mechlok® seatback actuator resulted in increasing Mechlok's overall performance and in lowering scrap rates by 30 percent.