Reell's most popular molded nylon hinge is finding strong application in cargo storage lid and console positioning.

The Reell MH14 Positioning Hinge, a world class positioning solution from the leader in high-performance position control, is proving to be an ideal solution for use in automotive interiors.

Designed and manufactured in America, the MH14 features a durable, lightweight glass-filled nylon housing around Reell's patented ReellTorq® technology. It's clean design, long-life performance, and premium feel make it an attractive alternative to more costly and complicated positioning solutions such as gas-struts, straps or prop rods. The MH14 is available with holding torques up to 5.8 N-m (51.3 lb-in), making it strong enough to hold storage covers and cargo lids.

Product line manager Horace Beale explains the MH14's success, "The MH14 is a perfect fit for automotive interiors. Its lightweight, durable and maintains consistent torque for over 20,000 cycles. It provides a premium quality feel to the positioning of storage lids without the need for struts, straps or other hardware."

The MH14 is currently used on several premium automobile models, with additional ReellTorq® automotive solutions scheduled to begin production in 2013.

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